Monero Commons

About This Site

The Monero Project builds a secure, private, untraceable digital currency, that is open-source and freely available to everybody.
Monero Commons is a media repository that is created and maintained by volunteers. It provides a central archive for freely licensed photographs, diagrams, animations, spoken text, video clips and other media files. With the intent of building connections and collaboration across developers, projects and stakeholders by making Monero-related media content easily available and acting as common repository.
In doing so we'll enable the success of our project and it's currency, for all the ambitious community members around the globe and our partners, external contributors & first adopters, as we deepen our knowledge and experiences together.



Please send us feedback, media files to be added, comments or just links to interesting content, either direct and conveniently on our Github page (via pull request, new issue, comment, ...) or by writing an E-Mail to: